On Jauary 25, 1617, what we call "the first sermon of the Mission," took place by St. Vincent de Paul in Folleville: "the confession of a dying peasant, in Gannes, who publicly proclaimed his joy, and the immediate success of the sermon in Folleville, make Saint Vincent aware of the moral misery of country people. The first sermon is followed by a success of other in the lands of the Gondi, with similar success.

Who We Are
We are a Society of Apostolic Life and of Pontifical Right. We live in common as confreres (brothers) by follwing our rule of life, and srtiving for perfect charity. In order to accomplish more effectively our purpose, we take vows of stability , chastity, poverty and obedience according to our Constitution and Statutes.

Our History In Nigeria
The missionaries of the Congregation of the Mission first came to Nigeria on 1st November, 1960 from the Irish Province, the year Nigeria gained her independence from Britain. The Vincentian missionaries were invited by Bishop James Moyanagh, the Bishop of Calaber , Nigeria.